Putin’s arrival in Astana: “The world has become multipolar”

Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in Astana in Kazakhstan to Conference on Interaction and Confidence Measures in Asia (CICA). Upon his arrival he spoke of the geopolitical situation, arguing that “the world has become multipolar, with the strengthening of new centers of power in Asia”. “Today’s meeting is taking place against the backdrop of serious changes in global politics and economy,” he said. President of Russia“The world is really transforming multipolar. And Asia plays a very visible, if not essential, role in this process, as the new centers of power are gaining strength.” In a statement taken from RIA Novosti Putin also spoke about the volatility of energy prices: “I mean, among other things, the increased volatility of world prices Energy, food and fertilizer resourcesraw materials and other important goods,” the Tsar declared, stressing that increases lead to “a deterioration in the quality of life in both developed and developing countries.” For the Tsar, “Russia represents development and prosperity in Asia, creating space for economic cooperation and investment.”

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