Putin signs the decree, the assets of the “enemy countries” are under guard

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree putting the assets of enemy countries under “controlled management” in response to the seizure of Russian property abroad. The document states that the decision was taken “as an urgent measure” to respond to “the illegal actions of the United States and other countries, regarding the seizure of Russian property and companies.”

Property, assets, securities and capital interests of Russian companies attributed to these countries – the document explains – will be placed under temporary custody, if there is a “national security, economic, energy and other types of security threats.” The Russian Federal Agency for State Asset Management (Rosimushchestvo) will be the administrative trustee and will perform the functions of the owner (with the exception of the power to dispose of the assets). It will also make an inventory of and protect property under external management. “Expenses relating to the controlled management of the property will be covered from the income generated from its use. The document states that the receivership can be terminated by a decision of the Russian president.

And the Russian agency TASS specifies that the decree speaks of “the need to take urgent measures” in response to the illegal actions of the United States and other countries aimed at depriving or restricting the property rights of the Russian Federation, its companies and citizens. In such cases, a temporary administration in relation to the property and assets of persons from enemy states is introduced in Russia.

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