Putin hosts the summit of the former Soviet republics: “There are differences, but we are ready to cooperate”

In St. Petersburg, two-day meetings will begin between the Russian President and the heads of state of some former Soviet republics. It is the unofficial summit of CsiCommonwealth of Independent States. Russian President Vladimir Putin Do honors at the top, where the first president to arrive Belarusian Alexander Lukashenko. Leaders are also expected in the city of Caesars ArmeniaAnd the AzerbaijanAnd the KazakhstanAnd the KyrgyzstanAnd the MoldovaAnd the Tajikistan And the Uzbekistan. On the agenda, according to the Belarusian News Agency BeltaThere is an analysis of what happened in 2022 and a discussion of a plan to strengthen cooperation. “Unfortunately, We have to admit that there are differences, too among the CIS members. However, the main thing is that we are ready to cooperate and will cooperate. Even if there are some problems, let us try to solve them together, jointly, and provide friendly mutual assistance, Putin said upon his arrival at the summit. The Russian president also noted that increased cooperation within the CIS satisfies the fundamental interests of the peoples of the member states and helps strengthen regional stability and security.

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