Purple Tomato: The Freshest From USA

Tomatoes from the United States come all purple in color like eggplant, which looks healthier than regular eggplant.

I tomatoesbut hmm Violet Like eggplant. Yes, both the peel and the inner core. The creation is credited to some scientists from Oregon State University, who, through some genetic modification, were able to change the colors of the fruit in question, and it will soon also appear on supermarket shelves in States united.

Cut cherry tomatoes in half

The change, in fact, is not purely aesthetic: the new version contains about 10 times more antioxidant pigments than regular tomatoes, and tests conducted by scientists on laboratory guinea pigs showed that mice that ate purple tomatoes lived almost 30% longer than their companions who instead followed a standard diet or supplemented with regular tomatoes. The results were also published in the journal nature biotechnologyand help reinforce the idea that genetic modification can be useful in preparing healthy meals.

Small company by name Norfolk factory Sciences He has applied for approval and is already in the race for the first seeds, which he hopes will be able to sell to gardeners and growers. Under the new rules, the USDA is expected to respond to their request within 180 days: “We are optimistic that we will get the approvals we need,” he said. Eric takea consultant from the company in question.

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