Pulling several batches of three products to form ethylene oxide

Three notes issued by the Department of Health speak of problems with many products for sale in MD supermarkets.

Food recall for products sold by MD
Nutritional references for products sold by MD Photos from the web

Many products are sold in MD . supermarkets Subject to food recall by the Ministry of Health. In all cases, these are food items marked “La Dolce”.

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We have jungle fruit cake Which has the following references to be recognized. Below are the batch numbers and their expiration dates or minimum storage conditions affected by the respective redemption.

  • 1L075 (09/30/21)
  • 1L092 (30/10/21)
  • 1L124 (15/11/21)
  • 1L125 (11/30/21)
  • 1L148 (12/15/15)
  • 1L180 (15/01/22)
  • 1L202 (01/30/22)

Berry Cake packets bearing these combinations and their associated expiration dates weigh just 400 grams.

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MD, other recalled products

Food recalls for products for sale In MD supermarkets they keep their shortbread with lemon peel and jam. In this case, there is only one batch returned (1L085) with an expiration date or minimum holding period 10/30/2021. The packages weigh 200 grams.

Finally, the following packages from Shortbread with red raspberry jam and blackberries:

  • 1L064 (5/10/21)
  • 1L085 (30/10/21)
  • 1L127 (5/12/21)
  • 1L154 (15/01/22)
  • 1L183 (15/02/22)

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Information from the Ministry of Health

The packages weigh 200 grams. In the notes issued by the Ministry of Health and visible on the official website of the authority, in the section specifically devoted to the recall of products that are prone to problems, we read the following:

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A well deserved precautionary reminder Presumed presence of ethylene oxide within one of the ingredients used in the product batches referenced above”.

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“If you have packages attributed to the above product groups, please do not consume them and return them to the point of sale. Similar products of different batches are not returnable and can be safely consumed.”

Below you can find the press releases issued by the Ministry of Health on the above products:

forest fruit cake

Shortbread with lemon peel and jam

Shortbread with red raspberry jam and blackberries:

Products recalled by the Ministry of Interior Images from the web

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