Psychology Bonus 2023, invoices to be sent by June 20: INPS clarifications –

There is still time until the 20th to send the necessary invoices to the INPS for the psychiatrist bonus. It’s a communication posted by the institute itself, Clarify this from the next day – until June 21, 2023 – “All unconfirmed sessions, or those confirmed but not attached to billing data, will be automatically canceled to allow determination of remaining available resources for ratings scrolling purposes for 2022.”

Use within 180 days

Those who were eligible for support had already received from the INPS the connection to start accepting applications, but also “the unique code assigned to applicants and linked to the economic value attributed on the basis of the ISEE to the nuclear family to which they belong – reads the institute’s press release. Benefit must be used within 180 days of acceptance from the question. After this term, the monocoque is automatically canceled and unused resources reallocated. Given the expiration of the 180 days stipulated by law, professionals can no longer add new sessions, confirm those previously entered into the system, or cancel confirmed sessions retroactively.

Announcement in July

Payments will not be possible in the absence of complete billing data. The INPS indicates that it will not be possible to proceed with the passing of classifications of autonomous regions and provinces that have not initiated the transfer of allocated resources; On the other hand, partial scrolling of a file Ratings of those who transferred only one part. Once the amount of remaining resources has been determined and the scroll has been completed in the regional classifications, starting in the first week of July, new beneficiaries accepted to contribute will be able to view the application acceptance item, the amount credited and a unique code assigned, which must be sent to the practitioner for each psychotherapy session. The feature must be used within 180 days of accepting the request.

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