Psychologist bonus of up to 600 euros for those who deserve it and how to apply – GUIDE

Psychologist bonus of up to 600 euros for those who deserve it and how to apply – GUIDE.

The Psychological reward It becomes a reality and can be ordered soon: Those who have an ISEE of up to 50,000 € and a contribution of up to 600 € per year are entitled to receive it for psychological treatments.. The Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, has in fact signed the decree implementing the so-called psychologist bonus, provided for in Law 15/2022 and funded by Parliament in the amount of 10 million euros for the year 2022.

Psychology Bonus: Submission of Applications July 25th to October 24th, 2022 - Instructions

Provides for economic contribution to People who suffer from depression, anxiety, stress and psychological fragility, due to the epidemiological emergency and the consequent social and economic crisis. The benefit can be used to subsidize expenses related to Psychotherapy sessions with registered psychologists who joined the initiative Citizen can choose from. “After publication in the Official Gazette – said Speranza – it will be possible, for those with an ISEE of up to 50 thousand euros, to request a contribution to be used with registered psychologists. It is the first step. Mental health is one of the big issues at this time.”

Who gets the psychiatrist bonus

The contribution is recognized Only once, for those with an ISEE income not exceeding 50,000 eurosAccording to specific methods:

    • * With an ISEE of less than 15,000, the benefit is up to 50 € per session, with a maximum of 600 € per beneficiary;
      * With an ISEE between 15,000 and 30,000 € the interest is up to 50 € per session, up to a maximum of 400 € per beneficiary and with an ISEE greater than 30,000 and not more than 50,000 € the benefit is up to 50 € per session with a maximum of 200 € per beneficiary.

Access questions the time frame for submitting the application, electronically by accessing the INPS platform or through the INPS call centrewill launch in Publication of the decree in the Official Gazette.

assignment The economic benefit will accrue primarily to persons with the lowest ISEE level and will occur on the basis of the order in which applications are received. At the end of the application period, the INPS will draw up the ratings, identify the beneficiaries and notify them of the acceptance of the application and a unique code that will be assigned to each of them for the purpose of booking a psychotherapy session. the same time.

The contribution must be used within 180 days from the date of acceptance of the application. The beneficiary will communicate his unique code to the professional who, after rendering the service, will issue the relevant invoice by uploading it to the INPS website that will directly provide the reward for the services already rendered by the professionals. It is “the first concrete reaction, directly in the hands of the people, to the deep wounds left by these two years of the pandemic,” comments MP De Filippo Sensi.

Instead, I criticize the Codacon. Bonus is an immediate measure that will not really help those who, due to Covid, have suffered psychological setbacks and need concrete and lasting support, the association says, and presents clear critical issues: First of all, the funds available appear to be totally inappropriate. Secondly, the Isee €50,000 ceiling for reward enjoyment appears to be too high, and would also include subjects who could independently incur psychological expenses in the recipient audience. Thus, only 16 thousand lucky ones – according to Codacons – will be able to enjoy the bonus and a large part of the citizens who have developed forms of mental discomfort with Covid will be cut off from the service.

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