PS5 Is Able To Recharge The Nintendo Switch, But It’s Better Not To Do It –

user reddit, like adhaas85, makes an interesting discovery with the rest of the r/PS5 community: it’s possible Reloading Nintendo Switch Via Sony main console. PlayStation 5With one of the two USB inputs, the Kyoto game console can be powered using a USB-C cable and connected to the Switch dock.

In theory, it is also possible to play with the console connected to the TV via HDMI: compensator However, it does not appear that it has conducted tests of this kind or at least did not share information on the matter. In any case , We do not recommend To try this kind of recharge with a Nintendo Switch and PS5.

PS5 can recharge the Nintendo Switch

It is known that Nintendo Switch It’s quite “picky” with USB-C charging, and early on in the console’s life cycle there were reports of external chargers and mounts causing serious problems with the console due to incorrect specifications. The PS5 is clearly not intended to recharge the Nintendo Switch, so it’s safe not to give the experiment if you don’t want to jeopardize both consoles.

Anyway, it’s interesting Curiosity. To stay on topic, just yesterday Nintendo announced the Nintendo Switch (OLED): GameStopZing has opened presales at €349.98.

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