PS5 demo not working

It appears that there is currently no way to play the PlayStation 5 exclusive timed demo Stranger out of Paradise Final Fantasy, just published on Sony Store.

According to what players from all over the world announced on social media, The data currently on the PlayStation Store is corrupt (Error indicates that the data is corrupt) It is therefore impossible to proceed with testing the collection of spirits in the Final Fantasy universe developed by Team Ninja in collaboration with Tetsuya Nomura. Unfortunately, there are still no official communications from those directly involved, who should announce soon if and when the demo can be downloaded and played properly. We also don’t know if the issue will be resolved by publishing a debug patch, but it is likely that a new version of the demo will have to be downloaded from scratch.

In the meantime, we point out that on our pages you can find Download link for the exclusive demo of Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin for PlayStation 5, which will only remain active until the next June 24, 2021. We also remind you that the game will be arriving over the next year on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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