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PS5, a new version appeared in Australia

there A new version of the PS5 system About it, more precisely in Australia, and even if from the outside it looks identical to the one that first appeared about two years ago and to the model that appeared in 2021 (ie CFI-1100), the initialed model CFI-1200 It has been modified in the internal components – especially at the level motherboard and cooler – As evidenced by the deconstruction video that tells its hidden secrets. According to the author of the video, the result is lower electricity consumption and therefore greater reliability even in the long run. But it is also difficult to replace some parts.

At the moment, there are two known versions of PS5 with the original that appeared in 2020 and the slightly modified version Peel silver strings from In 2021 with minor changes. But the third alternative began to spread since the end of August 2022 in some parts of the world such as Australia, with different components and assemblies than in the past. As shown by YouTuber Austin Evans in his teardown video, the new PS5’s motherboard is smaller in size as is the heatsink, which uses a displaced duct tube compared to the previous board. At the same time, ssd memory seems more secure as well.


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New PS5 Disassembly Video

The result is an overall weight loss of 200g and lower electricity consumption, as evidenced by gaming Astro game room on all three variants of the PS5 and find an absorption of 218W for the first version and 229W for the second version and 201 watts for the third. Perhaps the changes in the new PS5 are due to the difficulty of finding components in this period when demand far exceeds supply: according to YouTubers, there is also a downside to changing the interior, given that the battery is now under the heatsink and for possible replacement Almost the entire console needs to be disassembled.

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