PS4, when the clock goes off, it will not be playable: Prize Error

These days, some users are making a very disturbing discovery of a future PS4: Soon it could actually become No way Playing physical and digital games.

On the days when it is Even importing save from PS4 to PS5 seems like a huge undertaking, Can this news panic And not just all owners of the previous Sony flagship console.

This discovery appeared after protests by some users Denuvo DRM also arrives on the PS5A protection system that, although it has proven effective, has often reduced the performance of computer games.

As I mentioned IGN India, L’account Twitter «Do you play?», However, I wanted to emphasize that users, rather than worrying about Denuvo, should be afraid of a particular user Error Which may happen when it is the battery Inside the watch.

The EC 34878-0 error, which may occur in these circumstances, appears in fact All digital files are not usable, Unless the PS4 is unable to reconnect to the servers PSN. This will make it impossible to reproduce Physical gamesI am out of their disks, not just those downloaded and stored on the console.

User Lance MacDonald, a data maker best known for his discoveries regarding Bloodborne, Like cutting dialogues and being able to Kill Automa by making it aggressive, And also explained in detail why the error occurred.

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«This error is caused by And awards On the PS4, they require the system clock (which cannot be altered or altered) to be correct, so that users cannot change the date to appear to have previously acquired it.

If your PS4 battery dies, Your games will die too».

Words aren’t entirely encouraging for the console’s future, even if he then tries to reassure players.

First, as defined above, is this possibility Brick It will only happen when two very specific conditions are met: The PS4 servers no longer have to be Energetic And the internal battery must be present Spoiled.

Then Lance MacDonald determined that a simple mistake would be sufficient to correct that error patch It allows you to play offline, without being able to unlock prizes: however, he doubts that this will ever happen because interference will be ‘my knowledge».

Anyway, this is an alarming finding for anyone future That is moving more and more towards digital. If the situation worries you, know it Change yourself Battery and sync it with console servers, problem will be solved automatically.

Bearing in mind that even the father of the PS5 is fond of awards, Even if you turn down the platinum multiplayer gamesBut the hope is that the intervention will come soon to avoid this situation.

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