PS3 game emulation is in development, according to a well-known insider –

In terms of backwards compatibility on PS5, PS3 It is still a problem for Sony, due to the complexity of the original hardware compared to the current one, but the solution is through simulation It looks like the actual program is in the works at the company for PS5According to well-known insider Jeff Grob.

It’s not a case exclusive to PS5: PS3 games have always been particularly complex to suggest Compatibilityprecisely because of the huge difference in geometry that distinguishes the original Sony console.

PS3, the original model

Combining this with the lack of interest that the Japanese company has usually shown in this area, we understand why the console games in question can’t be played directly even within the new PS Plus software.

According to reports, in fact, in the PlayStation Plus Premium plan with the catalog of classics, the PS3 is the only console that works only in flow And not through direct downloads and simulations, but that may change soon, according to Grubb.

“I asked about it and it looks like Sony is standing still Action to some form of PS3 emulation on PS5,” VentureBeat reporter said, “It’s going to take a while, I hope they tell us something more specific,” also because according to Grubb, this may show Sony’s greater interest in preserving the classics through emulation.

So we’re looking forward to learning more, even if these are clearly just rumors at the moment.

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