PS1 and PSP games purchased in the past will be free even without PS Plus Premium –

Sony has unveiled an important novelty for fans of vintage games: All PSP and PS1 games Purchased digitally via the PlayStation Store in the past can be downloaded and played Free on PS5 and PS4 When will it be included in the catalog PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium Without the need to subscribe to the service. Simply put, PS1 and PSP games already purchased will be backward compatible with PS5 and PS4.

The confirmation coincided with the announcement of the new partial roster and a glut of games included in the PlayStation Plus Plus and Premium levels.

Until now, digitally purchased PS1 and PSP games were not available on PS5 and PS4 (except for Enhanced and Custom Editions) but only on PS3 and PSP. What’s new, then, is that when these addresses are combined into the new subscription, who owns them Pre-purchased You can download it to your PS5 or PS4 for free, thus without subscribing to any subscription.

Players who previously purchased digital editions of original generation PlayStation and PSP games will not need to make any additional purchases or subscribe to PlayStation Plus to play these titles on PS4 or PS5. When these titles are available on PS4 and PS5, players will be able to log into the PlayStation Store and download the console version at no additional cost, if they already own the digital version of the game. Some titles will also be available for individual purchase‘, reads the PlayStation Blog.

Thus, we assume that PS1 and PSP Classics will be available for purchase separately on the PlayStation Store and will not only be included in the PS Plus Extra and Premium catalog. But to find out more, we will have to wait for more official news.

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