PS Plus: PS4 and PS5 games weigh in April 2023 Here’s how much space you need on the console

In a few days we will be able to get our hands on it PlayStation Plus games For April 2023. But if yours PS4 and PS5 They have a full memory and you need to make sure you free up some space, you’ll need to figure that out how much do they weigh The three video games included with the service. Thanks to the size of the PlayStation game, we can see these details.

Obviously the lightest game among those in April 2023 PS Plus iron tails. The 2D action game weighs in at 1,758GB on PS4 and drops significantly on PS5, dropping to just 935MB. Obviously the most thought out of the three Sackboy is a great adventure, which comes to 35,539 GB on PlayStation 4; On the PlayStation 5 version, that will chip away at a few gigabytes to 31,812 GB.

The only new game this month, meaning it wasn’t available at the time of this writing, is Meet your maker. Action and crafting game should weigh between 3 and 8 GB. The size of the PlayStation game at the moment does not have an accurate idea yet, probably because the data in the PS Store is not final or accurate enough. But he added in a second tweet that the PS4 version of the game should be between 7 and 8 GB. So the biggest doubt is related to the PS5 version.

Now you have an idea How much space do you need to free up? If you want to install different games on PS4 and PS5. Roughly, you will need a maximum of 46GB on PlayStation 4 and a maximum of 41GB on PlayStation 5.

Finally, we remind you that Xbox games with gold games have also been announced.

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