Prostate cancer, and this food is among the reasons: Don’t eat a lot of it

The news causes prostate cancer, a study adds to those from the past and highlights an aspect of great importance.

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Prostate cancer causes, a topic that is always highly sensitive and receives constant updates thanks to research and advances made in the laboratory. It has long been known that eating unregulated foods increases the chances of developing this disease.

Disease that is the exclusive right of the male population. Prostate cancer can strike at any age, and one reason in particular is eating a very common food. In particular, industrially processed red meat, which is rich in nitrites and nitrates, should be consumed in limited quantities.

The task of these substances is to extend the shelf life of meat and maintain its excellent appearance. But once it reaches the stomach, the digestive processes turn it into nitrosamines, a carcinogen. An important presence can be very dangerous.

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Prostate cancer is caused by eating pork and the like

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The charge is faced with red meat, sausages and cold meats. It is necessary to eat an amount contained in a typical week’s arc of feeding. There is a study that lasted seven yearswhich analyzed the eating habits of more than 100,000 people who used to eat these foods every day.

in the end 3,311 people were diagnosed with tumors For the prostate for men and for the breast for women. These are the two most common forms of serious diseases in this case, and then other types of diseases also appeared.

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The study in question also highlighted the danger of eating the equivalent of two slices of pork daily, whether raw or cooked. Doing so may put the individual at risk of developing prostate cancer (58% more for men, ED) and breast cancer (+25% more in women).

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What happens if you eat a lot of red meat, other diseases appear

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It is clear that Eating a lot of red meat is bad for your health. Not only for nitrites and nitrates, but also for being a food that provides a high amount of fat if eaten daily in all its forms.

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As a result, you end up gaining weight easily, favoring other serious health issues, such as Increased cholesterol and cardiovascular system defects. Therefore, nutritionists and nutritionists recommend limiting the intake of various steaks, steaks, sausages and cold cuts to once a week, twice a week.

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