Property in Viale Sardinia: Signing of a protocol between the district, the province, the municipality, Ou Senese and Ousel Tse.

Collaboration, synergies and investments to strengthen health care in Sinis and ensure greater resources for school buildings. These are the main objectives of the protocol signed today, Friday, 7 May, by the President of the Tuscany Region, Eugenio Gianni, with Silvio Franceschielli, President of the Province of Siena, Luigi de Mussi, Mayor of Siena, Antonio Barreta, General Director of the University of Siena Hospital, and Antonio Durso, Director General Oslo Tuscany Sudst. The signing was also attended by the Dean of the University of Siena, Francesco Fratti, and the Vice President of the University of Health, Francesco Dutta.

“Health and the school are among our priorities, so we continue to support all of these initiatives and projects, which are in the direction of strengthening them, with the aim of improving the quality of services provided more and more – this was stated by the President of Tuscany Region, Eugenio Gianni -. The protocol that we are signing today also strengthens the integration between the hospital and the region from “For a public health that is always able to respond to the needs of caring and assisting our citizens. It is a perfect example of cooperation between entities and institutions to redevelop spaces of public benefit.”

EugenioGiani ALE Paper ProtocolThe protocol provides for the redevelopment of the county-owned property, located in Siena in Viale Sardinia, which will be purchased by Aou Senese, southeast Tuscany, Ucel thanks to the Tuscany region and with the active support of the Municipality of Siena which will take care of the aspects of urban planning.

“The protocol represents an important step forward for the health and socio-health services of the city of Siena and its region, which bring together the strengthening of the care and assistance structures and school buildings, through the strengthening of public assets,” commented Simon Bzini, Regional Health Adviser, who added: “This is a process. Virtuous in terms of merit and style, as a result of cooperation between institutions and organizations, and integration between the hospital and the region, for the benefit of the citizens. “

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The building was initially designed with the aim of accommodating offices located over the city in an easily accessible area, but work has yet to be completed. The need also emerged to give a concrete and rapid response to the growing needs of spaces for the assistance activities of the two Sienese health companies.

SilvioFranceschelli ALE Paper Protocol“I think this first step is a sign of great interest from the region and its President Gianni, as well as an example of synergies between institutions, to give an essential function to the public work that has been for a very long time ‘incomplete’ and that is being preserved today in the service of society,” said the President Siena County, Silvio Francescilly, who adds: “In order for the public interest to continue, the county has always fought by resisting the many sirens and persistence that it wanted from this panorama. The proceeds will boost the modernization of provincial school buildings as well by restoring another abandoned building in the county: Barracks The former fire brigade – Franceschelli adds – which will witness a new life with the restructuring that targets a school associated with the nascent life sciences, a region that sees TLS as a cutting-edge topic and about which a training course is linked at the local and regional level. ”

In particular, Aou Senese needs to organize spaces dedicated to outpatient activities in diabetes, rehabilitation, occupational medicine, dermatology, rheumatology, ophthalmology, otolaryngology; Southeast Ausl will use the Casa della Salute spaces, the clinic, the Association of General Practitioners, and the intensive care beds.

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LuigiDeMossi ALE paper protocol“The building in Viale Sardegna is the most unfinished building – as declared by Luigi de Mussi, the mayor of Siena – and a solution had to be found. The protocol that we are signing today is part of a project I launched because I am sure the building will become a true place for integrated regional health. To enrich all our lands with the aim of facing the next few years in the name of regenerating a society in which Sienese healthcare can remain a pioneer in the Tuscany region ”.

Adapting the building in viale Sardegna for health use requires resources that encompass all the two sites, particularly in the face of joint projects and common goals of increasing the response of the regional health services in the reference area. At the same time, proceeds from the sale of the property will allow Siena County to invest resources to redevelop some school buildings.

Antonio Barretta ALE paper protocol“We want to provide an integrated and tangible response to the health and social care needs of the city and its region – explains Antonio Barretta, Director General of Aou Senese – by moving some hospital and local company services in the same building, also to increase usability by citizens and to further enhance cooperation and integration between the hospital and the region. In this regard, we will present a project for a comprehensive reorganization of all activities in the Tuscany region, which once assessed the adequacy of the project, pledged to invest significant resources in a manner that will be agreed upon in the following program agreement. The cooperation between organizations and institutions – Barreta continues – is a successful strategy in public order. , Especially in the field of health care, because it allows the establishment of a system and the investment of resources aimed at achieving specific, measurable, agreed and planned goals.

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Antonio Dorso ALE paper protocol“The Building Use Agreement in viale Sardegna – adds Antonio de Orso, Director General of Southeastern Tuscany Ucel – represents an important investment for the local health authority in southeast Tuscany, in terms of financial, regulatory and terms of supply. Performance. It will allow us to rationalize our services in a modern, easily accessible location. With a space of higher quality than the current situation. More appropriate dimensions, the possibility to use new technologies, and integration with Sienese University Hospital will be functional to enhance the activities of the region in the Sienese region. In addition, the agreement also represents a virtuous model for cooperation between institutions and the public health system, in the ability to Finding a common solution could have positive repercussions across the region. “

The next step regarding the purchase and remodeling of the viale Sardegna property relates to the signing of the program agreement that will be signed in the summer. In the event of positive verification by the province of the projects that have been developed, a program agreement will be signed between the two parties to determine all technical, organizational and timing of implementation of the integrated assistance project.


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