Project in the name of Eriksen

The Denmark The European dream continues with the name Eriksen. He did it by beating Wales 4-0 Thanks Dolberg double and Mahel goals and Braithwaite. to the quarters will face Winner between the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. Team bale e Ramsey come out terribly from Euro 2020, with a fool in Amsterdam. Pre-match to excitement Johan Cruyff Arena. First in the middle of the field there is one Denmark’s giant jersey With the number 10 and writing Eriksen. It was in this stadium that the Inter midfielder exploded with“Ajax. Then in salutations between the captains of the midfield, Bale Kjaer presents a custom Wales jersey with engraving Christian And the imperative number 10. There is also an inscription: “Get well soon”, which in Welsh means to get better soon. Denmark gave Eriksen a precious victory.

Serious Bill and Ramsey

Wales has a better start and in the first few minutes it gets dangerous bale. the outer part of Real Madrid At 10 he “touches the goal with a diameter of the edge, then he has another chance at 12”. Two minutes later, it is Ramsey To try from the edge. over there Denmark He defends himself and struggles to break through the Welsh Wall, but is slowly taking more and more fields.

Double Dolberg, Denmark passes

At 27 ‘The Danes managed it Breaking the deadlock with Dolberg, The author of a nice turn and right slips into the corner. Five minutes later, Dolberg still has a high chance of doubling. At the beginning of filming Denmark He finds the double on the spot, with Dolberg exploiting a mistake in delaying Williams and beats take at close range. at 76′ as jayer He had to leave the field due to a muscle injury, and go to the bench shaking his head. After losing Eriksen and Poulsen, Denmark now risk facing the quarter-finals even without Kiar. Despite the difficulties, the Danes are closing in on an escalation. After hitting a resounding post with Braithwaite, team Wellman The match ends with a wonderful goal from Mahili. at 94′ Braithwaite It also finds poker target, which is validated after checking Var. La Denmark fly to the quarters, and Wales From Ramsey e bale go home.

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