Prohibited renewals? Sony support email confirming temporary ban –

Update: Pushsquare confirmed it Sony has blocked PS Now and PS Plus prepaid cards from being activatedperhaps to avoid that those already subscribed can bundle months at a discount compared to the final version of PS Plus, which will take effect in June 2022.

Support email PlayStation explains: “I have verified the coupon and your account and can conclude that the renewal function for PS Plus / PS Now subscriptions is temporarily disabled, which does not allow the backlog of both subscriptions if they are already active.”

“This is just a temporary situation and as soon as we have more information we will let our players know, for more information about the news of the new launch of our service please check out our blog.”

original news: We recently found out that as of June 22 – the activation date for the new PS Plus version in Italy and Europe – Subscribe to PS Plus and Now They will see their subscriptions convert to Plus Premium. This obviously prompted many to take advantage of the situation, trying to increase their Plus subscription and activate it now while waiting for the transfer. Through ResetEra, Twitter and more, however, players report its existence Problems with prepaid subscription cards.

through a Thread on ResetEraFor example, confirmations are collected from several players, indicating that an error occurred when trying to activate the PS Plus code. The PlayStation Store recognizes the code, we specify it, this means that the code is correct, but upon activation states that it is impossible to continue. At the same time, some users reported that they did not encounter any problems with PS Now codes.

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also on Twitter One user reported this, and asked for help from Ask PlayStation, the Sony PlayStation support account. By exchanging public messages, the user claims that they haven’t solved the problem yet, but part of the matter was dealt with through private messages, so we don’t know what kind of solution Sony provided.

Obviously, given the current state of PS Plus and PS Now conversion, it’s easy to think that Sony is banning prepaid cards to avoid accumulating low-cost Premium services. However, she is only one speculation which cannot be confirmed. It’s actually possible that the PlayStation Store, these days, is overwhelmed with access and attempts to activate codes and that the system is struggling to manage the situation.

At the moment it is Impossible to get confirmations We can only report what players refer to online. We also remember that PlayStation can count on tens of millions of subscribers, and a few reports have little statistical value.

Pending news, we remind you that PS Plus games have been confirmed in May 2022 for PS4 and PS5.

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