Prohibited checking account, new withdrawals and openings: what’s allowed

Banned current account, let’s find out whether it is possible to withdraw funds or whether the holder has the right to open a new account despite the seizure of the asset.

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The Reservation of the thing pledged, a term that rightly frightens and prevents taxpayers from retaining ownership of their assets. The measure is triggered at the debit Does not pay the amount owed to the creditor. The latter can take revenge on the person who contracted the debt and force him to forcibly confiscate the assets. it’s possible Foreclosure on propertysalary, pension current account. For example, by closing the account, the debtor can be forced to pay by withdrawing the amount corresponding to the debt to be paid.

Forbidden current account, what the debtor can do

Often determines the verb foreclosure Current account ban. The current amount can be used to pay off the debt. Therefore, the creditor should have access only to the part that corresponds to the balance of the receivable. Thus, the debtor The rest can be used account according to their wishes. This means that even in the event of a blocked checking account, the account holder can withdraw Seizing the part that exceeds the amount owed to the creditor indicated in the attachment deed.

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Is opening a new account possible?

Debtor who has a current account is prohibited can open another And be able to take advantage of fully operational. It is important that the account is opened with different credit institution Of those in which you have the banned account. The bank would have no reason to deny the application because foreclosure does not imply being listed as a bad payer.

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mortgage deed Also extends to the new account Only in the event that the amount on the seized is not enough to cover the debt. However, it is up to the creditor to request Start a new action And start the process again (injunction, court permission…) which will attach the second account. To find out if the debtor has more than one account, the creditor can consult current account register, Revenue agency record containing all taxpayer bank reports.

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