Progress in Tracking a Path, “The Greatest Graphical Discovery in Recent Years”

Once again, GDC 2022 has been the scene of innovations that in the coming years will allow video games to show more and more realistic graphics. nvidia Show magic Traceroutea technology called “the greatest breakthrough in real-time graphics in recent years”.

Vice President of NVIDIA Reserach, Aaron LevonIn fact, I posted a short video showing the progress of this new tracking technology in real time, with a detailed explanation coming from the American giant’s conference during the last GDC. As we learned from the official NVIDIA website, the . file track track isThe most accurate display technology” Beside “Biggest real-time graphics breakthrough in recent years, far surpassing the simplest ray tracing in terms of efficiency and power. Traceability is capable of using billions of triangles and millions of different points of light to render a scene in real time, allowing developers to reach levels of realism like never before, all thanks to the increased computing power of new GPUs.

It is not currently clear when this technology will be fully available and It will take a few more years to see it work in the most advanced video games But some concrete examples are already in the hands of the players: Minecraft and Quake 2 have shown the advantages of path-tracking for quite some time. However, NVIDIA envisions using path tracing in synergy with other display technologies while at the same time considering the possibility of providing full support on future devices. Waiting to know more, you can find all the tracking details on file NVIDIA official website.

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