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Sunday, February 21, In Rotterdam, in the Netherlands, where Men’s water polo before the Olympic Games, At the end of the appearance, Occurred on Draw for the women’s and men’s Olympic groups. The Sitpielo Era Classifier Together with Spain So among men Italy She was really sure of Avoid the Iberians.

Enemies Zouri In the first group stage a Tokyo, at Group A., They will be Hungary, USA, South Africa, Greece and Japan. at Group B. Was entered Spain, Serbia, Australia, Kazakhstan, Montenegro and Croatia.

All races will be broadcast on A Live Streaming Subscription on FINA TV, While the Settebello races will also be streamed on Free TV on RaiSport + HD and Free broadcast on RaiPlay. OA Sports Finally, he will guarantee you Live text broadcast of all Italy matches.

Olympic Water Polo Group

Men’s championship

Group A.
1 South Africa
2 United States
3 Hungary
4 Greece
Japan 5
6 Italy

Group B.
1 Australia
2 Croatia
3 Serbia
4 Spain
5 Kazakhstan
6 Montenegro

Men’s Olympic calendar

Round one (July 25)
Group A.
South Africa-Italy (Raw 2.00)
Hungary-Greece (3:30)
USA – Japan (10:20 AM)
Group B.
Australia – Montenegro (raw 6.00)
Serbia – Spain (7:30 am)
Croatia – Kazakhstan (11:50 am)

Round Two (27 July)
Group A.
ItalyGreece (7:30 AM)
Japan-Hungary (10:20 AM)
Group B.
Montenegro – Spain (2.00 hours)
Kazakhstan-Serbia (3:30)
Australia-Croatia (6.00)

Third round (29 July)
Group A.
United States of America-Italy (Raw 2.00)
Hungary-SOUTH AFRICA (3:30 AM)
Greece – Japan (10:20 AM)
Group B.
Spain – Kazakhstan (6.00 am)
Croatia-Montenegro (7:30 AM)
Serbia-Australia (raw 11:50)

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Round 4 (July 31)
Group A.
ItalyJapan (10:20 AM)
US – Hungary (11:50 AM)
Group B.
Montenegro – Kazakhstan (2.00 hours)
Australia-Spain (3:30)
Croatia-Serbia (6.00)

Fifth Round (2 August)
Group A.
Hungary-Italy (Raw 2.00)
Greece – USA (3:30 AM)
Japan-SOUTH AFRICA (10:20 AM)
Group B.
Serbia – Montenegro (6.00 AM)
Spain – Croatia (7:30 am)
Australia – Kazakhstan (11:50 AM)

Quarter-finals (4 August)
31 1A-4B (6 hours)
32 2A-3B (ore 7:30)
33 3A-2B (ore 10:20)
34 4A-1B (raw 11:50)

Semi Final (August 6)
Fifth place
Bird. 31- Bird. 33 (6.00 hours)
Bird. 32- Bird. 34 (10:20)
first place
I’m coming. 31-Vince. 33 (7:30 pm)
I’m coming. 32-Vince. 34 (11:50 hours)

Finals (August 8)
Seventh place (1:30)
5th place (3.00)
BRONZE (5:40 AM)
Gold (8:30 am)

TV programming and live broadcasting
Direct subscription streaming of all matches on FINA TV
Free Live TV broadcast of Settebello matches on RaiSport + HD
Free Live Streaming of Settebello matches on RaiPlay
Live text of Citibello matches on OA Sport

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