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Program, schedules, TV, calendar October 14-16 – OA Sport

Finally, after three weekends always on the right track, MotoGP He could breathe for a while. In fact, next week there is no competition. Certainly some heroes will seize the opportunity to return to Europe, in order to once again see friends and family to recharge the batteries in light of the second tranche of the long transcontinental journey. However, others may decide to fly directly to Australiawhere it will run October 14-16. On the other hand, there is no shortage of places to relax while waiting for work to resume Down.

Like Motegi and Buriram too Phillip Island Makes her return to the stage MotoGP Three years later. We don’t want the Japanese circuit or the Thai circuit, but without a doubt the Australian track was the hardest. The racetrack is built on an island Victoria State (Melbourne is located 125 km northwest) and is unanimously considered one of the most just awesome From the world. Therefore, finding it is very welcome, because in these parts emotions Never fail.

The Australian Grand Prix I entered the calendar in 1989but it is not always adhered to Phillip Island. There is an arc, which went from 1991 to 1996, in which a Eastern CreekIn the suburbs of Sydney. From 1997 The rendezvous, however, returned to its original position, permanently settling on the splendid trail located near Ventnor, the main center of the island homonym that gives its name to the trail. In short, those who love to ride motorcycles can’t help but love to test in “Land of Oz”. how do you go Follow her on TV?

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Pay TV – For each of the three categories, thematic channel Skysport Moto GP (208) will guarantee full direct Australian Grand Prix. Therefore, in addition to qualifying and racing, free exercises and warm-ups will also be visible. public channel Sky Sport One (201) You will have the opportunity to suggest the same programming.

Free TV in the light – The free channel TV8 (125 from Sky and 8 from DTT) will be broadcast FreeBut in postponed Qualifying and racing on Phillip Island. On the other hand, there is no clear coverage of free workouts and free warm-ups.

flow – The entire Australian event can be followed live on PC, tablet and smartphone via the app sky go (Reserved exclusively for Sky subscribers). It will also be possible to see the appointment on the on-demand streaming service right Now. Finally, we must not forget how the postponed qualifiers and race will be available on the website

life life – OA Sport will provide you with complete written guidance for all rounds of the Australian Grand Prix, from your first free practice session to the race flag of each category.

Australia GP 2022 – Motobe

Friday October 14 (Italian schedule)
0.00-0.40 AM, Moto3, Free Workout 1
0.55-1.40 AM MotoGP Free Training 1
1.55-2.35 hours, Moto2, Free Training 1
4.15-4.55, Moto3, Free Practice 2
5.10-5.50 AM MotoGP Free Training 2
6.10-6.50 AM Moto2, Free Workout 2

Saturday 15 October (Italian schedule)
0.00-0.40 AM, Moto3, Free Workout 3
0.55-1.40 AM MotoGP Free Training 3
1.55-2.35 hours, Moto2, Free Training 3
3.35 – 3.50 AM, Moto3, Qualifiers – Q1
4.00-4.15, Moto3, Qualifiers – Q2
4.30 – 5.00, MotoGP, Free Training 4
5.10-5.25, Motorcycles, Qualifiers – Q1
5.35-5.50 a.m., moto, qualifying – Q2
6.10 – 6.25 a.m., Moto2, Qualifiers – Q1
6.35-6.50 AM, Moto 2, Qualifying – Q2

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Sunday October 16 (Italian schedule)
0.00-0.10 AM, Moto3, Warm-up
0.20-0.30 AM, Moto2, Warm-up
0.40-1.00 a.m. Speedway, warm-up
2.00 AM, Moto3, Grand Prix
3.20 hours, Moto2, GRAND PRIX
5.00 am, Speedway, Grand Prix


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