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The Ocean Race 2023 and how to watch it on TV and broadcast: program and calendar

Take on the challenge at The Ocean Race. The first In Port Race is scheduled to take place in Alicante on Sunday, January 8th. The VO65s Port Regatta is scheduled to start at 14:00, while Imocas will depart at 16:00. Although not counted towards the team’s overall score, In Port Races plays an important role in the overall standings as the “in port” standings are used to resolve any points tied situations. Starting tomorrow, but with continuous programming in these six months, Eurosport and Rai Sport will keep you company with live TV. The 2022-23 edition features port races in seven cities and four legs of the track around the world

It starts in Alicante with the first stage on January 15th. Then Cape Verde and Cape Town, all the way to Itagay in Brazil in a record-breaking 12,750-mile stage. In April, the Regatta will touch its US port, in Newport, while Aarhus will await the contenders in June. Then The Hague and finally Genoa. This is the first access to the Mediterranean and the pavilion has already been established in Liguria.


First outing: from Alicante (Spain) to Cape Verde (January 15, 1900 nautical miles).

Second leg: Cape Verde to Cape Town (South Africa) (January 25, 4,600 nautical miles)

Third stop: from Cape Town (South Africa) to Itagai (Brazil) (February 26, 12,750 nautical miles).

Stage 4: From Itagai (Brazil) to Newport (Rhode Island, USA) (April 23: 5,500 nautical miles).

Fifth stop: Newport (USA) to Aarhus (Denmark) (May 21, 3,500 nautical miles).

Stage 6: From Aarhus (Denmark) to The Hague (Netherlands) (June 8, 800 nautical miles).

Seventh stop: The Hague (Netherlands) to Genoa (Italy) (June 15, 2,200 nautical miles)

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