Professional nurses, how much do they earn in the US: You’d be surprised

The essential professionals in every state are registered nurses. They are equally important but not the same for salary. How much do they earn in the US in 2023?

The earnings of a nurse in the United States are not quite equal to the salary of a professional with equal qualifications in Italy. We talk about numbers that in Italy are just dreams, but what is the reason for this difference? Let’s find out right away.

What is the salary of nurses in America?

To find out how much healthcare professionals in America earn, let’s take a look at the data from Bureau of Labor Statistics in the United States of America. The difference with the fees the Italian nurses receive is so great, that it makes me want to go abroad at once.

However, American and British professionals pretend to get shifts sustainable hoursAnd Flexibility in transitions that it Salary increase. Yes, just like that. Although it is a golden salary compared to the Italian one, English-speaking nurses ask for more.

Golden salary for registered nurses

Anthony De PalmaAnd Head of NursingHow the pandemic has also been a tragedy for American health care workers. Professionals have put their lives at risk through disease more than any other factor through direct contact with the virus. Let’s remember that some did not get out alive like in Italy.

in United States of AmericaResources, personal protective equipment and hospitals were not available during the health emergency. Nurses and doctors were not enough as all health care workers, and whoever was there sacrificed himself to ensure service to the many patients. The demand for employees has increased greatly, and they have turned to freelancers to find employees Nursing professionals.

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Increased demand has led to higher salaries for self-employed American nurses who come to receive up to $4,000 per week. This amount can be seen by monitoring the data on the work platform in the health field, Vivian Health. However, since December 2022, wages have fallen to a lower level that earns private nurses $3,100 a week despite protests and calls for increases. Quite a high amount considering it says only 7 business days.

How much does a hospital nurse earn in the USA?

On the other hand, the average gross income of registered nurses working in a hospital is $77,500 per year. If we translate into euros, we are talking about 73,000 per annum, so the hourly wage is $38 or €34.83 per hour.

registered nurses, Registered Nurse RN, are those who have earned a bachelor’s degree in addition to earning their degree by passing the NCLEX-RN. The National Council Licensing Examination is an exam that establishes a minimum level of proficiency for a candidate to be deemed fit to safely provide essential care. In Italy it is equivalent to the professional nurse.

Profits nurses

All that glitters is not gold, let’s analyze the data

Anthony De PalmaHowever, he specifies that there are not only positive aspects. And referred to is a gross salary from which 25% of taxes are deducted in addition to pension and health insurance contributions, which are required for the children’s studies.

Also RN nurse He must serve at least 200 hours a month And the time left for family and social life is really less. Moreover, those with children have to pay for babysitting or private nurseries while they work and for this reason they move away from home more, trying to cover all expenses.

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Sui made Nurses earnings in the United Stateswe can afford a salary of $50,000 annually (47 thousand euros). This translates to a net salary of approximately €3,900 per month after expenses. while the Independent nursesan annual profit of more than $100,000 is calculated.

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