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File appears sales DellIPhone 12 mini It was until now disappointingWhich may push Apple to stop manufacturing the device during the second quarter of this year.

This is not the first time that we have spoken of these terms smart phone Small size: iPhone 12 mini didn’t take off in the US in its debut and it looks like it wasn’t even the protagonist in recovery hoped for.

JP Morgan analyst William Young thinks just that an Apple Production of this model will be discontinued in the second quarter, acknowledging that this time it is the larger plants that have received the most praise.

The discontinuation of the iPhone 12 mini will allow the company to focus its resources on other lines, especially the iPhone 12 Pro, which seems to be having a good time.

The data gathered so far confirms this trend and already indicates that the iPhone 12 mini is the lowest-selling model in the US out of the four currently available, compared to October and November 2020.

Apple’s now-crowded catalog may have taken its toll, which allows you for a slightly lesser amount to purchase a IPhone 11.

At this point, it will be interesting to understand what Team Cupertino will decide to do forIPhone 13: Will the new smartphone also be produced in the four variants seen so far? Or will the miniature version be put on the shelf?

IPhone 12 Mini pricing

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