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a product Stranger out of Paradise Final Fantasy Talk about and around the game How does this relate to Final Fantasy 1. The manufacturer claimed it was an alternate version of the first game in the franchise.

Pay attention, bypassing the picture you may come across plot details related to Stranger of Paradise that you might consider spoiler. Proceed at your own risk.

The three main heroes of Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin

One of the most interesting elements in the story of Final Fantasy Origin for Stranger of Paradise is that you play as Jack, who, as we know, eventually becomes garland, the main antagonist in Final Fantasy 1, the upcoming action RPG will reveal “how this brave hero was pushed to such a low level.”

Speaking of why history is taking this direction, Fujiwara He said, “A lot of villains appear in early Final Fantasy titles, but their stories weren’t particularly in-depth. I think a good antagonist should have a clear motive to become a villain, so I thought it would be interesting to dig in more deeply into this aspect of Garland.”

“in a Final Fantasy 1, you see it from the beginning of the game as a knight who embraced the darkness, but the story never goes too deep into why he took that route. We thought we could extend the story of the original game with Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin by explaining why Garland has come so far. ”

We see the story of Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin as An “alternative narrative” for Final Fantasy 1. Perhaps it’s easier to think of it taking place in a parallel universe alongside the original game.”

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As Team Ninja’s Nobumichi Kumabe, Game Director explained, how this central narrative hypothesis affected the Play. He said, “Since Jack’s path to becoming Garland serves as the basis for the story, we decided to take his destructive motive—which we don’t see in the other Final Fantasy characters—as a central concept and translate it into various elements. . . to a bloodier show, but in the end we opted for visual crystallization, to combine this hilarious show with the beauty of Final Fantasy.

All this plot detail allows us to understand how the game itself is located in relation to the original. At the same time, we must not forget that in terms of gameplay, the opera has completely changed the genres, from a role-based JRPG to a spirit-like action game. Recently, new Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin gameplay and trailers have also been shown.

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