Problems with shorts, in the test center for free content with ads

Youtubewhich since feb It will also allow the shorts to be monetized, with the arrival of advertisements preparing for the challenge Pluto TV With a free content hub with ads, but in the process, he will face a lawsuit related to his short surah.

Just under three years agoGoogle introduced short-form videos on YouTube to compete with TikTok, but this hasn’t been taken well beforeShorts International Limited in Londonwhich has been operating in the entertainment sector for decades by creating short films, its logo bears a “theatrical” sign in O. A lawsuit has been filed for Infringement of property rightsbrought by Shorts International v. Google, on June 23, 2022, in the Court of the Intellectual Property Corporation of the United Kingdom.

According to Shorts International, there is a risk that the public will believe that Google has acquired the Shorts trademark or that Shorts International is its property. Company, also because the London-based company distributes its content on YouTube. On the other hand, Google’s lawyers complain that complying with the requests of the counterparty, from changing the name to the shorts,”Huge rebranding costs and technical changes to the platform“.

The story has evolved in recent days whenSupreme court UK has I agreed to a long processWhich is exactly what Short wanted to avoid by complaining about a serious imbalance of resources between the two sides.

to me The Wall Street Journalwho pointed out to people familiar with the discussions, YouTube stands Testswith a view to a wider publication later this year, a interlocutor in which the gods are presented ContentAnd programs and movies, for that Free He also supports him adsthe. The contents will be provided by some Media partnersand the ad revenue percentage will be the same as what YouTube uses for other content, He keeps 45% for himself and allowing entertainment companies to keep 55%.

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YouTube provided atacit acceptance In this regard, he declares:We’re always looking for new ways to provide viewers with a centralized destination to more easily find, watch, and share the content that matters most to them.“.

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