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skull bones He is the protagonist of an interesting new report by Kotaku, who has interviewed some of the developers who have worked or are working on the project at Ubisoft, highlighting a profile problematic projectleft from Assassin’s Creed expansion Even finding a painful switch to a new IP.

Announced at E3 2017, the game has not yet been able to find a final form and has been delayed several times, with the latest information laying it out in the fiscal year between 2022 and early 2023, having been delayed. Back in May. Given the years of work leading up to the first announcement, this is a very long process for a video game.

Skull & Bones started as expansion From Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, initially identified as Black Flag Infinite and expected to be a MMO-styled MMO, Ubisoft then decided to turn it into a true new IP focused on pirates and navigation, returning to show it later at ‘E3 2018 but it disappears from radar later.

Skull & Bones seems to have gone through several reworks from scratch

According to reports from Kotaku, which cites internal sources, the game appears to have encountered big characters direction changes, with such drastic modifications to call into question the consistency of the project. The thing that keeps Skull & Bones standing, as has been reported, are the contractual commitments with Ubisoft Singapore: the publisher has received funding from the Singapore government, which commits Ubisoft’s large eastern team to the project in question.

Basically, the developers will have to continue with the game until the final release, regardless of the indignation that could arise from such a problematic project. Added to this is the supposed toxicity of the working environment in which it is located Ubisoft Singapore, according to the testimonies of various people interviewed in Kotaku, which led to a real mass exodus of developers who abandoned the project.

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With production costs Over $120 million, Skull & Bones represents a very risky title for the publisher, which is still forced not to fail, which is why the business is getting longer with constant delays.

Meanwhile, Ubisoft officially commented, “The Skull & Bones team is proud of the work done on the project and since the last update, the game has gone through the development phase. alpha, with high expectations of being able to publish more details in due course.”

Ubisoft added that such sunken speculation only serves to demoralize the team that is working hard on the game, developing “a new and ambitious franchise that can exceed players’ expectations.” It also appears that Ubisoft has made “significant changes to its policies in the process of creating a safer and more inclusive workplace”.

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