Prize Contests: How to Use Technology for Marketing

In this article we see how to take advantage of new technologies to improve sweepstakes marketing procedures

QR Code, NFT, Metaverse: How to Make the Most of Technology in Marketing Contests

Social media, messaging platforms, apps and QR codes: Technology is widely used in Contests and Prize Operations To encourage participation and improve the digital experience for consumers.

But how can we make the most of these innovations?

Possibility of QR codes for promotions

Entering a QR code on a product package to indicate the company’s website is not the only way to exploit its potential.

The best way to reap the benefits is to use it as a gateway to content that is developed in a targeted manner to create a unique and distinctive connection with consumers.

Even in prize competitions, a QR code should perform this function: routing toward a space dedicated to entertainment and information tailored to target engagement and retention.

A working example of this strategy is Golocard the prize distributed within Golosino’s multiple packs: a sports-themed collectible card game that allows kids to challenge their friends with different game modes and, thanks to a QR code printed on each card, gives access to informative content, trivia and online games.

Give up NFT in your lottery

a Non-replaceable code They can be drawn into prize draws, especially when you are targeting a small audience.

In the US, NFTs are already included in competition prize pools, in Italy we are still in the beginning but the interest is there.

NFTs are gaining ground by demonstrating the broad application areas of this technology: in the art world to create unique digital works, in sports with collectible sports cards or game clips, in games with the purchase of objects, weapons and clothing, or places to use them in the virtual world.

And if the Metaverse is as successful as many suppose, its reach will increase exponentially.

Metaverse contests and prizes: what are the rules

How will any prize events organized within the Metaverse be organized? Even for those who work in the field, this is not easy to predict.

In the real world, every country has its own laws, and in many cases, they haven’t even been updated with social networking policies, so how would they be able to adapt to a completely hypothetical context? What about taxes or financial aspects?

While good growth is expected this year in the field of virtual machines primarily related to entertainment, at the moment, companies seem to be talking more about Metaverso than consumers.

We are waiting for developments to see if it can also be applied in the world of upgrades.

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