Private medicine – hepatitis in children, the incidence of it is increasing

Wood – It’s been about a month (See our article on April 23, 2022) since the Ministry of Health issued the alert throughout the national territory (similar to many other European and non-European countries) and in this period of time the situation has evolved.

In fact, there are more and more cases Acute hepatitis of unknown etiology in children. The United State They achieve 180 casesup from 109 reported two weeks ago. Fifteen children, almost all of preschool age, required a liver transplant. until the United kingdomthe first country to sound the alarm, continues to report new cases: the last bulletin talks about 197 children affected of occult hepatitis, 34 over a week ago, of those eleven needed a liver transplant. The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control Talking about 125 cases identified in 14 European countries. L ‘Italia is the country in Europe that has reported the highest number of cases of unknown hepatitis: 35, followed by Spain (26) It Portugal (12). Globally, approximately 700 cases of unexplained hepatitis have been identified.

As we have already writtenLever Inflammation It has multiple known causes and is easily diagnosed, but this particular form of hepatitis in children is not caused by known viruses (hepatitis A, B, C, D and E) and the origin is still shrouded in mystery. Much attention has been focused on the potential role of glandularEspeciallyAdenovirus 41, which has been identified in many cases. This virus is common and usually causes gastrointestinal infections, but not the same as causing liver damage in healthy children (it can cause it in immunosuppressed children but so far young patients are otherwise healthy before hepatitis).

Private medicine – acute idiopathic hepatitis, on alert in Europe and Italy

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Health investigators are evaluating a number of hypotheses, but at present there is no certainty.

Have similar cases occurred in the past but in low numbers that went undetected?

Can adenovirus be changed in such a way that it can attack the liver?

Could children be more vulnerable to the effects of adenovirus infection due to lack of exposure to common viruses during the COVID-19 pandemic?

As we wrote in the previous article, the The covid vaccine agent has already been ruled out from the startMany children under the age of five are Not vaccinated.

All this leads to the conclusion that the most likely hypothesis to explain the origin of hepatitis cases can be one Dual action associated with the symbiosis of adenovirus and SarsCoV2 and theWorld Health Organization.

Especially, Hepatitis cases may be the result of a previous infection with Covid-19 followed by another viral infectionProbably from adenovirus 41. According to this theory, some children do not completely clear the coronavirus after a mild infection and the virus remains in the digestive tract, thus keeping the immune system highly active. Thus, the adenovirus will find a person with immune defenses “already occupied” and will lead to significant liver damage. Driven by this second viral infection, components of the immune system go into “overdrive” in damaging the liver, in a process called “immunity activation by superantigens.”

Obviously, we are still in the realm of hypothesis and speculation, while reports continue to increase.

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