Prisons, medical insights on the ‘sleeping man’

I was The “Sleeping Man” has been transferred from Regina Coeli Prison to Skandigliano Prisonthe 28-year-old guest He hasn’t woken up since last June. This was mentioned by the Antigone Society, which told its story. “Following our public complaint, the boy was transferred to the Condigliano prison in Naples, where he is in the large medical center of the Institute. A series of medical investigations are planned in the coming days, especially of a neurological type, to finally seek to go beyond the simplified diagnosis made in Regina Coeli, according to which the boy is a simulator We cannot simulate months and months of apparent coma – explains Antigone – In the meantime, we are working on trying to put the health authorities in Secondigliano in contact with a group of researchers who have worked for years on functional neurological disorders, and who do not have An obvious organic cause, such as these sleep syndromes.”

“These days we have learned – we continue to relate – that we are dealing with a diverse world: there are different sleep syndromes, each with its own characteristics. It is important to identify the specific illness of the boy so that we can intervene properly. The very rare syndromes need neuropsychologists who specialize in this. topic. The Secondigliano prison authorities have proven to be very helpful and help us create this bridge between doctors.”

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