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Prince William, who no longer trusts his brother Harry

During the long weekend Platinum JubileeWhile London and the entire United Kingdom celebrated their 70s Queen Elizabeth IIA family drama worthy of Chekhov was taking place behind the doors of Buckingham Palace. Who saw the closest (once) brothers of the entire royal family as heroes: William And the Harry.

Outside, only a blurry image appeared, but those with access to internal sources are talking about it Now an incurable break between the two principles. royal expert Katie Nicholl He sees clear evidence of this in the fact – evident to all – that although they have not met for more than two years, In those few days in London their families were avoiding each other.

“The Dukes of Cambridge’s calendar was very narrow, but that’s not just what Prince William did. Kate Middleton “They haven’t met the Dukes of Sussex,” says the writer. “I prefer to say that in the base there is a file A matter of trust: that they they do not trust Harry and even less than Meghan Markle. They are afraid that everything they say or do will come immediately press relatedEven if it is private. A must for the Dukes of Sussex restoring confidence Of the royal family, but Harry has to get his brother back first.

Katie Nicole isn’t the only one who thinks this. A few weeks ago also the writer Duncan LarcombeCommenting on Harry and Meghan’s early departure from London, he spoke of confidence: ‘The Sussexes They wanted to fix relationshipsHe said frankly. «Moreover, if they think that they are mending relations with the family and then show themselves to others Netflix And the spotify As a property in all respects again, it has gone wrong,” the expert adds: “On the contrary, Their future in the royal family will depend on how they act from now on. They walk in a minefield: at the first leak of news, the olive branch they brought to London will be broken. Now they have to prove that the family can trust them.”.

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While Sussex was staying in the British capital, Kate and William missed a birthday party Lilibeth Diana Because they participated in Cardiff as part of the Jubilee events, they not only saw their brother and sister-in-law in private (they only met in Thanksgiving service at St Paul’s Cathedral, where they were sitting far away from each other), but they did not even allow their three children to meet GeorgeAnd the Charlotte And the Louiswith their “American” cousins archery And the Layla. “It will happen when they feel they can trust Harry and Meghan,” Nichols insists.

Those who have already given up, perhaps because they are enchanted – like all grandparents – by their grandchildren, is Prince Charles. “The meeting between the heir to the throne and his grandson Archie, whom the Prince of Wales had not seen for three years, was so emotionalInsider reports. “It was also so exciting to meet little Libeth Diana.”

And to be sure, it’s Nicole herself: “I know for sure that Prince Charles really wants to heal the rift with Harry and is doing everything to create a bridge between the two sons.”. A difficult bridge to build after all frogs that the Sussexes have made their family swallow in the last two years: William, even with all the good he desires for his brother, He’s not at all willing to pretend that nothing happened.

“But his dad does,” Nicholl insists. Prince Charles loves his youngest son very much and he does Willing to forgive everythingand rebuilding and transcending relationships with Harry and his wife. want to be grandpa And he wants to be able to see his grandchildren as much as he wants, even at the cost of constantly going up and down a plane over the ocean.”

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