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Prince William is under attack For a number of data regarding the hunt, has been outsourced over the years. The British royal family is very enthusiastic about this practice, for them it is a sport, an old tradition, from which Prince Harry has distanced himself in recent years. However, his older brother spoke of hunting for competitive and commercial purposes something positivewhich unleashed the wrath of many animal rights activists, particularly a well-known face on TV, the actor Peter EganThe star of various series, including Downton Abbey.

Prince William with a catch

It would be true that every family has its own traditions, but if the rest of Europe’s royals try to be more and more environmentally friendly and animal-friendly, The Windsors can’t give up hunting, a practice that Queen Elizabeth loved very much. Frequently practiced by England’s royals, on their country estates they raise hounds and thus enjoy lazy autumn afternoons. despite of Strong accusations against animal rights activistsNone of them, except for Harry, took the slightest step back.

Indeed, Prince William has, on several occasions, He praised hunting for commercial purposes, but also for pleasurewhich has its ultimate goal Make the animal a keepsake. The remarks, which sparked much controversy, were also repeated in a recent interview with ITV, after the event in Parliament to ban trophy hunting. In short, in this family You will never miss an opportunity to shut upalthough they know that, often, they make statements that will inevitably have a negative response.

Peter Egan, “Downton Abbey” actor opposite William

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Feedback came not only from ordinary people, but also from well-known figures in British show business. The first is that Peter EganBorn in 1946 Famous English actor Who participated in many TV series, incl Downton AbbeyAnd never forget And MacGyver. The artist, who has long been an animal rights activist, Prince William criticizedHe described his statements as illogical. This was reported by journalist Richard Eden Dale Internet e-mailwho reports what Egan said in a very heated conversation: “Peter is silent on what the Prince said, who should have taken a clear stand. She met him at the campaign party at the Palace of Westminster to ban trophy hunting, and William is said to have said that, Although he does not practice it, you do not find it an unacceptable practice. If he didn’t care, why would he want to protect her?

According to the journalist, therefore, Peter Egan He questioned the good faith of Prince WilliamThey were forced to participate in this party even though they endorse this cruel practice. Not only that, standing up as a champion for a cause you don’t believe in makes him look even worse. For the son of King Charles, wouldn’t it have been better to avoid this slip-up? Sure, but lately the royal family can’t seem to keep their mouths shut.

The words of Piers Morgan that destroy Prince

Connector also intervened in this regard Piers Morgan Who, for once, attacked William instead of Meghan Markle, his favorite victim. Referring to photos of the Prince and Kate William feeding a baby unicorn and elephant (on a 2016 trip) she said: “Why would he do that? Because he probably loves the rich who hunt these same beautiful animals and often kill them in prolonged torture sessions.and taking disgustingly smug pictures next to their rotting corpses and then beheading them against the walls of the home office.” A frontal attack so brutal, and another fall in style for the English monarchy, is now in free fall.

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Do you think the uk’s first anti-hunting law is hunting lawIt dates back to 2004 and hunting of live fox, hares, deer and mink with dogs is prohibited in England and Wales. But little progress has been made since then, so they are trying to put a complete ban on the practice, as discussed at the event in which William, with his questionable position, participated.

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