Prince William announces the stars for the Earthshot Award

Prince William announced a star-studded squad for an awards ceremonyEarthshot Award. He and the Princess of Wales will travel to the United States on a three-day trip that will culminate next Friday with the final awards ceremony. It is an event that desperately desires to discover and spread environmental solutions to help the planet.

In the wake of environmental ambitions from his father, King CharlesWilliam has also been trying for years to do something concrete to fix the major environmental problems affecting the Earth. So, last year I decided to launch this prize Aims to Finance some innovative projects Which can make a difference Protect the planet.

Prince William Earthshot Award

Presented as Environment Nobel Prize And inspired by the challenge moon shots from the boss John F. KennedyL’Earthshot Award Will offer a variety of prizes from one million pound for the best projects. The idea is to continue receiving these awards every year for ten years in order to solve some of the world’s biggest environmental problems. It is celebrated properly after a few weeks the end of COP27, which brought together the main world leaders. But the award ceremonyEarthshot Award It will not have any identifiable features in the political sense. In recent months, in fact, Prince William His team evaluated all projects submitted and from all over the world. Then they chose the best offers taking into account the different award categories. The ceremony to be held in United States of AmericaSo, it will only be the culmination of this project.

The stars that Prince William summoned him Earthshot Award

However, as at any self-respecting award ceremony, there will be big stars. for the occasion Prince William Enlist the singing legend Annie Lennox And an Oscar winner Rami Malek for the ceremony to be held in Boston (Al Kennedy City, ed.), in the US, this week. He also added to these names the name of the singer Billie Eilishthat will be the star of the entertainment. The Prince of Wales will also have his own moment, with A.J Speech which he had already prepared for the occasion. As already happened for the first edition, so they will be five The Finalists Who will finally get their prize. The Five categories I: protect and restore natureAnd the Our cleaning airAnd the revive us oceansBuilding a world without hangover and fix our country climate.

Prince William Earthshot Award
Prince William Earthshot Award

At the ceremony there will also be room for A princess Wells. In fact, the 5 winners of the Earthshot Award will be announced by various bidders including as well Kate Middleton. Other names, however, are for Academy Award-winning actor Rami Malek, screenwriter and comedian. Catherine O’HaraAnd finally, the actor Shailene Woodley. He will also attend the ceremony Sir David Attenborough, a famous science communicator in the UK for his nature documentaries. All participants expressed their enthusiasm for this year’s edition. about this Rami Malek announced to BBC:”The fifteen finalists for this year’s Earthshot Prize are inspiring. They dedicate their lives to building solutions that will fix our planet and I can’t wait to present an award to one of our amazing 2022 winners.“.

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