Prince Philip dominates television: exhausted Britons, recording complaints for the BBC

The Prince Philip, Husband Queen Elizabeth II, he is He passed away on April 9, 2021. His death fell on United kingdom. Could too much, Given that a sizable portion of His Majesty’s subjects begin Can’t bear it anymore. In particular to Very wide coverage British television devotes itself to national mourning.

British revolution against the BBC

In fact, foreign media are reporting A torrent of protests That British citizens send to state television forExcessive coverage Of this case. Ansa confirms Who arrived at Record amount of 100,000 complaints British viewers are protesting the BBC coverage these days The news of the death of Prince Philip.

The disappearance of Queen Elizabeth’s wife has already happened Disturbs TV schedules, Dominated by days of Continuous celebrations and praise In honor of Prince Philip. A complete revolution, it even turns into a revolution Partial questioning Dependent Novel of the royal house in the UK. Indeed, among the protesters there is a minority complainingZealous over the Windsors.

What disappeared from television to make way for Prince Philip

However, the largest percentage of citizens disputed Postponing or canceling TV series and TV shows entertainment. This is due to the BBC choosing to dedicate Good part of the schedule One of its main channels is in memory of Prince Philip. Meanwhile, too The BBC’s senior management itselfWhich does not confirm the numbers of protesters. However, there is recognition that this phenomenon is indicative Record levels for the number of complaints Received by the broadcaster in its history.

Even the BBC has made available the Complete form To collect all weekend complaints. However, it did happen at the same time Their choices were justified Come “a Duty verb Towards one The historical figure of the kingdom“And in the direction of”toIn the interest of the majority of the populationHe then confirmed the space reserved for Prince Philip Other major British networks And popular newspapers.

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