Prince Harry returned to the US ‘depressed’ by what he gave up, says expert

Prince Harry may have felt depressed on his way home to California after the jubilee weekend, according to a royal expert.

After two years out of the fold, Prince Charles’ second son will likely struggle to see what he’s left behind when he steps back as a royal agent and heads off to America with his wife, Meghan Markle.

For the first time in the UK in more than two years, they largely kept themselves out of the spotlight over the big weekend, with some reports claiming they didn’t want to attract the attention of the Queen, Harry’s grandmother.

Although they were spotted during Trooping the Color, the appearance of the famous Buckingham Palace balcony is dedicated to the work of royalty, which means they stayed inside.

Harry and Meghan haven't been hanging out all weekend activities

Harry and Meghan haven’t been hanging out all weekend activities

They were present at the Thanksgiving service at St. Paul’s session to support and respect the Queen.

But after celebrating their daughter Lilibet’s first birthday at Frogmore’s country house, the duo didn’t commit to all the weekend festivities, flew back to the States, skipping the show and concert to go home.

The prince also wore a suit, not a military uniform, a hard pill swallowed by a man known for his pride in his service.

Back in California, he was seen looking unhappy, and Mirror relations.

According to historian Hugo Vickers, the Duke of Sussex is probably feeling sad now about being left behind.

Speaking to Vanity Fair, he said: “Harry has ceased to be the captain of the Royal Marines, who were at full strength.

“I think he must have come home very depressed about what he has given up.”

Harry and Meghan didn't get the best seats in St Paul's house

Harry and Meghan didn’t get the best seats in St Paul’s house

Vickers is not alone. Royal biographer Duncan Lacombe says: ‘Those four days will haunt Prince Harry for the rest of his life.

“They have gone down to sit behind the Duke of Gloucester (at the Thanksgiving service).

“They were not involved in any way, shape, or form in the forces of color.

“Harry would be angry at the way he and his family were treated – if it was Prince William and the royal family who said ‘you won’t come to the royal box’, while other non-working royals were at those events..”

Vanity Fair royal expert Kate Nicholl went further, saying Harry and Meghan had come home early because they weren’t happy with the role they played in the background on the big weekend.

He said, “I honestly think it was because they knew they weren’t going to be in first grade.

“And why did they leave the royal family? They left because they weren’t in the front row.

“I think that’s why they weren’t present at the other ceremonies because they didn’t have places in the middle of the scene.”

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