«Prigozhin suffers from cancer, he was treated in a VIP clinic». Disclosure of two Wagner chief staff

Yevgeny Prigozhin suffers from cancer. To reveal it to the Russian investigation website project They were two employees of the head of the Wagner Group, whose traces disappeared after the failure of the June 24 revolution. The two, who have attended him seriously in recent years, said that Prigozhin would suffer from abdominal cancer. For this reason, he has been seeking specialized treatment for some time, including at the VIP-Russian medical clinic Sugaz, where Vladimir Putin’s daughter, Maria Vorontsova, is also caring. It is not clear at present when the aforementioned hospitalization dates back to. The need for anti-cancer treatments would explain a room in Prigozhin’s house with an intensive care bed, a pulmonary respirator and an oxygen concentrator, revealed by Russian media after the failed rebellion. In the house of the militia leader Wagner, during the searches, Moscow agents were to find a second project A fake passport linking the name “Dmitry Isakovich Geller” with a photo of Prigozhin: he will be treated under this name in the Sugaz clinic. According to some of Prigozhin’s acquaintances, it cannot be ruled out that his health problems contributed to his decision to move his militia against the authorities of his country at the end of June: “This is a man whose stomach and courage are cut out, they would have told the Russian website.

The fate of General Armageddon

In the same hours, new indiscretions about the fate of another former strongman in Vladimir Putin’s military apparatus whose traces have been lost, General Sergei Surovkin, also leaked. Ukraine’s deputy commander for military operations, who has not appeared in public since Wagner’s failed coup attempt, is currently “resting,” an influential lawmaker from Vladimir Putin’s party said ominously. “Surovkin is resting, he is not there at the moment,” Andrei Kartapolov, head of the State Duma Defense Committee, said in a video on social media. Some international newspapers had raised the hypothesis that Surovikin had actually been arrested for complicity or negligence in the rebellion, but the news was later denied.

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