Pride of Ponza, young Aureliano Mazzella is the new captain of the Queen Elizabeth cruise ship

All Bonesian pride. From the quaint seaside village of Santa Maria, young Aurealiano Mazzella is in command of one of the world’s most important cruise ships. He continued his nautical studies in Rome and then immediately the naval career of Aureliano Mazella began, he sailed, managing to reach the most important goal of his career: he is the first Italian captain of the Queen Elizabeth, a cruise ship in the carnival group. Aureliano is only 37 years old, since April 3, 2023 in command of the second largest cruise ship to sail the world’s oceans; Launched in the UK in October 2010, it was a tribute to the English Queen by British cruise company Cunard, which is associated with the Carnival group. The ship, built in Italy at the Fincantieri shipyard in Monfalcone, has been sailing the eastern route and Australia since 2019. During Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee on June 5, 2012, she returned to Southampton to pay her respects. Now Queen Elizabeth is sailing with Commander Mazella in Vietnam, and later will travel to Japan. is an independent newspaper that does not receive any public funding. If you love our work and would like to help us in our mission, you can give us coffee by making a donation, we would be very grateful.

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