Prices are high in the UK and Ireland. And what about Italy?


These are not amazing increases but it is fair to point out. In the UK and Ireland, Netflix charges between £1 and £2 per month, depending on the type of subscription. As for the basic subscription, the British and Irish will now have to exit £6.99 (€8.99), for the standard option you switch to £10.99 (14.99€) and for the full package you can even get it £15.99 (20.99 euros).

It is not an isolated case. Already at the beginning of the year, in the middle of January to be exact, Netflix decided to increase prices in Canada and the United States. So it seems clear that We should expect a similar move from us very soon. At the moment, the monthly cost of a subscription with us is 7.99 euros for the basic package (single user and broadcast in SD); € 12.99 for the standard package (vision on two devices with HD standard); €19.99 for the premium package (four-device view, UHD quality).

The on-demand entertainment giant is not doing well, being undermined by its competitors. A financial report, dating back to last month, informed us of one Subscriber growth far below executive hopes. At the same time we are seeing a slight impoverishment of supply. The Netflix series based on Marvel characters is about to leave the starting platform to land permanently on Disney Plus, The current owner of the rights to the ideas house works. Fortunately, this does not stop the success of some products. Recent examples such as Squid and All of a Dead – which revived ancient Korean works – are a huge hit. Also high expectations for the next chapters of Stranger Things and the emergence of One Piece, a live action series based on the manga by Eiichiro Oda.


source: Watchman

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