Prey 2, Omen Arkane Austin project could be a restart of the game –

Seemingly mysterious project omen From Pillars of Austin Maybe Reboot From Prey 2A: This is a rumor reported by an anonymous source on 4chan, which clearly should be taken with a grain of salt but has surprisingly reasonable traits.

There was talk of Arkane Austin being involved in developing Prey 2 several years ago, but Omen will actually be one New intellectual property It starts from those foundations to lead us to a futuristic open world city with an intricate design.

According to this source, we will have in the game different objectives to eliminate or neutralize them, each of which is well felt and has a story behind it, and it will be possible to confront them in the order we prefer, in a very similar way to Dishonored.

Completing these contracts and stealing resources will allow you to obtain funds to unlock new skills, through training or acquiring certain tools. Among these are tech majors but also things like Space magic It can be mixed as in Prey.

The author of the post claims that the pre-production of Omen began before the aforementioned prey was released, but the project did not enter production until after the Mooncrash expansion was published.

He is also cooperating in game development Roundhouse Studios, A team made up of former members of Human Head Studios, Authors of the original sequel to Prey. L ‘Director It should happen in 2022 on next-generation computers and controllers.

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