Previous debt write-offs and tariffs for 2021

Among the reforms considered by the Draghi government, one of the most important is the auto tax. There are many news related to this topic, but there is one special that caused a lot of discussion: let’s find out together what you need to know.

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News on the horizon for car tax, but this is not the car tax for 2021, but the tax related to past years. The government decided to debt cancellation For car owners who did not pay car tax in 2000-2010.

For those who have always been in good shape, this can almost be a joke, because it is a kind of opponent for all stumbles.

Car tax: news of 2021

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The first novelty is about electric cars: in fact, Piedmont and Lombardy do not require owners of electric cars to pay the tax.

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Rather, for those who own cars”traditionalistsHere are the road tax rates for 2021:

  • Euro cars 0 up to 100 kilowatts of power 3 euros per kilowatt (after this power, the cost rises to 4.50 euros);
  • Euro 1 cars up to 100 kW of power 2.90 € per kW (after this power, the cost rises to 4.35 €);
  • Euro cars 2 up to 100 kilowatts of power 2.80 euros per kilowatt (after this power, the cost rises to 4.20 euros);
  • Euro 3 . cars up to 100 kW of power 2.70 € per Kw (after this power, the cost rises to 4.05 €);
  • 4/5/6 Euro cars Up to 100 kilowatts of power spend 2.58 euros per kilowatt (after this power, the cost rises to 3.87 euros).
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It stands to reason that those with older cars will pay a much higher tax than those with newer cars.

Auto tax on methane and liquefied petroleum gas

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for owners Compressed natural gas or LPG vehicles, study the government incentives To boost its spread: It’s one 75% off stamps Compared to a standard fuel vehicle (petrol or diesel).

It must be emphasized that the vehicles in question must have the EEC certificate to certify that their power source is exclusively methane or liquefied petroleum gas.

It is also clear that more encouraging incentives have been put in place for electric cars, which will be their future Zero Emission Mobility.

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