Pressure on disguised nightclubs Green pass legislation doesn’t help

Sasari. Discos have been closed for irregularities in Romagna Riviera and in many other parts of Italy, and the ways to control restaurants, bars, entertainment venues, …

Sasari. Discos have been closed for irregularities in the Roman Riviera and in many other parts of Italy, and control methods still need to be clarified for restaurants, bars, entertainment venues, desperate merchants, rule-observing citizens, then rebels cunning or even full-blown: restarting is hard and not just because the virus doesn’t Still not giving up, despite a well-working vaccination campaign.

The case of Just Cavalli is not isolated: after stopping at various clubs and discos on the Romanian coast, another nightclub has been closed in recent days for not complying with anti-Covid regulations. In Riccione, Rimini police inspected three rooms to check compliance with infection control measures, including controlling green lanes for customers, and found several patrons without masks and intent on dancing at a disco dinner: a temporary closure of the restaurant for five days.

Someone is smart, but even those who try to respect the rules can sometimes find themselves in difficulty. “It is important that the Home Office circular highlights the distinction between the operator verifying possession of a green certificate for those who intend to access the activities for which it is required and proving the identity of the certificate holder by showing an identification document,” Confcommercio writes in a note. It should be noted, in fact, that identity checks are ‘discretionary in nature and are intended to ensure lawful possession of the certificate itself’, but become ‘necessary’ in cases of abuse or circumvention of rules, such as, for example, when inconsistency appears. With the personal data contained in the certificate.

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Confcommercio asserts, however, that “while the will to contribute to the development of the vaccination campaign remains firm, operators certainly cannot replace public officials.”

Then there are those who try to get around the problem by looking for fake green lanes. The number of sellers using Telegram to advertise fake green passes has increased by 257% since March. The cost of purchasing fake vaccination certificates has been halved, from $200 each in March to just $100 today. This is the latest global data from IT security company Check Point Software Technologies, a few days after a police attack in Italy that led to the seizure of 32 Telegram channels. According to experts, there are currently 2,500 active groups on Telegram, the number of followers of groups has increased by 566%, some specific groups have an average of 100,000 followers each, some even exceed 450,000 followers. Participating countries expanded the demand for fake vaccination cards: in March it was mainly the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany. Today, Italy also appears among the sellers of fake certificates on the dark web.

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