Premier League, four Englishmen, Atletico Madrid towards retirement. Al Barsha will have the voting members

The Premier League, Chelsea and Manchester City are already on their way to retirement

Superlega is already losing its parts after less than 48 hours. Chelsea City of Manchester And theAtletico Madrid They could be the first clubs to abandon the Premier League project: according to the BBC, Sun and the Spanish press, clubs are preparing documents to withdraw from the controversial competition constitution. In particular I amCity have formalized their Premier League exit as Chelsea prepares to do so. This was confirmed by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) this evening, citing sources from the two English companies. The project thus lost 2 pieces out of 12, which was heavily affected by the protest launched in the UK by fans, the press and many professionals, a protest strongly supported by the government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

And after Chelsea and Manchester City, according to rumors leaked in the English media in the past few hours, two more English teams – Arsenal and Manchester United – They would decide to hold back, and give up Superlega. Of the six excellent clubs that initially joined the new constitution, for the time being, only Liverpool and Tottenham have yet to back down.

Barcelona’s participation in the Premier League project is subject to the approval of the members who will be invited to express themselves in this regard. According to the TV3 broadcaster, this was determined by a clause that was inserted by Blaugrana President Joan Laporta into the contract when Barça enters the “ Billboard ” of the 12 member clubs of the project. Thus, the referendum on Superlega will be the subject of the next shareholder meeting, which will be held on a date to be decided. But Laporta, who had already rested the lawyers he had consulted, was clear: Barcelona would remain in the Premier League only if they got the green light from the members, or if yes prevailed in the vote. Otherwise, he will give up on the idea of ​​being a part of the Super League.

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The protest

From Downing Street to the top of the Football Association, from captains to top Premier League executives, and again TV commentators and highly acclaimed managers, even the vast majority of fans are lining up in the front row – on social networks like as well as off the stadiums, Like the Chelsea Fan Club, which stepped onto the stage at Stamford Bridge today – to express their discontent with the Premier League, which is considered a “sporting anomaly” in the country that has codified the rules of football..

Super League, Cech meets the angry crowd at Stamford Bridge: “I know, give us some time.”

The initial shock, caused by the Premier League statement Sunday evening, quickly turned into a tsunami of protests and accusations by the football world abroad.

Including the British government which immediately sided with the masses against “Operation Pure Greed”. Even today, in the presence of the national football leaders, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has reiterated that he will do “everything in his power” to prevent the controversial plan from being implemented. A commitment reaffirmed in an editorial in The Sun, the popular newspaper most read by fans. As an act of war, not excluded, it could also translate into dramatic legislative proposals against the six rebel clubs, as the FA hopes. And from the English Premier League itself, which met today – without the representatives of the six excluded clubs – in an emergency session. On the agenda is possible retaliation against dissidents guilty of “selfishness and betrayal”.

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Italian League, Pirlo: “Super League? I think about the present. Ronaldo is there: we want to qualify for the Champions League

As managers study next steps, and crowds – even the accused clubs – are mobilized, the first dissenting voices begin to emerge – from English first-class fields. After Jürgen Klopp, the first to say he was against the project but except for his resignation, it is today Pep Guardiola To dismiss Superlega as “unsportsmanlike”, as it lacks merit. “The owners should explain the reason for this decision as soon as possible,” the Spanish coach said. The Catalan coach added, “When there is no correlation between performance and results, there is no sport.” Equally frank was the opinion of Marcus Rashford, who posted on his Instagram profile a banner photo that mentions how “football belongs to the fans”. A personal initiative that the coordinated group could soon follow from the entire category, after Jordan Henderson, captain of Liverpool, summoned the leaders of all Premier League teams to discuss whether to take a unified and pressured stance against the Premier League.

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