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Rome – Ended with jagged cries printed on letterhead. But first, something happened. After a 19-month break, UEFA has reopened its doors to the Premier League: a two-and-a-half hour meeting, with all parties involved. Request to be received was Bernd Richart, CEO of A22 sport manager, a private company based in Madrid founded specifically to support the creation of the Superlega. Juventus, Real and Barcelona, ​​the only remaining “breakaway” clubs, were the stones’ guests at the meeting. It can be an opportunity to start looking for common themes, and points for studying common developments. It ended up with doors in your face. But it’s like fighting after the ball lands in the stands: nothing adds up to the score.

UEFA Monopoly: Report to the European Court on 15 December

The only element that could provide new arguments for dialogue is the ruling of the European Court of Justice, which will have to determine whether UEFA As a monopoly in the organization of European Cups. On December 15, the prosecutor of the Greek court Athanasius RantosThe trial report will be submitted. The opinion that confirmed this reading could legitimize the creation of a “special” competition such as the Superlega. It will be an opportunity to relaunch the project: verdict is expected by spring. Of course, no matter what, no one can stop Neon from excluding whoever is organizing his own tournament from his tournament.

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by Matteo Benchi

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Twenty-two factors with UEFA: There is the First Division, the English are missing

“The opposition to the self-proclaimed Premier League remains as overwhelming today as it has been since April 2021,” wrote the UEFA, which brought together 22 workers to take in the “enemies”. de servo with Berkasi Atalanta and Friedkin Rome. there was Al-Khulaifi, the commissioner of Paris Saint-Germain and president of the European Club Association, which represents all European clubs. there was Oliver Kahn Bayern van der Sar Ajax, and again the representatives of Ligue 1, La Liga, Bundesliga German Bundesliga and Premier League. On the other hand, English clubs are absent: who knows if it is really due to the scheduled meeting of the shareholders of the Premier League. It is worth noting that it was the English clubs that collapsed the project, which was born at night in April 2021 and ended in 48 hours.

Ceferin and the Super League, a wound that never heals

That tear 19 months ago is still an open wound, especially for those who represent UEFA: the president Alexander Severin He experienced it as personal betrayal. And yesterday he reacted strongly to the river meeting: “The UK did it Many prime ministers How many supporters of their plans in the last two months. They claim that they do not represent the remaining three clubs. They refuse to define their supposed new approach. They say they want dialogue. But when given the opportunity, they have nothing to say. “In fact, there is more than one club that officially shows itself in opposition, called Reichart, looking for mediation, a special confrontation with the ‘separatists’.

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Reforms not suggested by Richart

Reichart had presented himself at Nyon with some proposals for the reform of the European Cups. But he didn’t even come to propose it. Many have wondered what the strategy is. And if it wasn’t more about looking for the media: he announced the meeting via social media, with a video message before and one after. The unresolved question is: What does the Premier League want to ask? We may have to wait for the European Court.

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