Pre-download the app for free on PS5 and Series X, download link

We’ve been talking for days now Possible arrival of The Matrix Awakens Without any notice, the possibility to pre-download the interactive experience has reached the PlayStation Digital Store.

The Matrix: The Awakening, that’s the name of the app found in the Italian version of the PlayStation Store and in the Microsoft Store, has a good weight 25261 GB It can only be downloaded by players who own PlayStation 5 e Xbox Series X | S., being the latest generation of interactive experiences that useUnreal Engine 5, the graphics engine from the creators Fortnite Chapter 3.

This is the download link:

At the moment, the app can only be downloaded thanks to the start of the preload phase, but it is not clear when it will be possible to launch the app on PS5 for the first time. According to the Twitter account Playstation game size, who immediately reported the arrival of the product to the PlayStation Store, you’ll find more details about The Matrix: The Awakening during the evening Game Awards 2021, or at night between Thursday 9 December and Friday 10 December.

By reading the official description of the application, which includes the participation of Keanu Reeves NS Carrie Ann Moss, it will be from “A taste of interactive storytelling and entertainment with UE5 in a free demo with real-time technology and a cinematic component that pushes all boundaries”.

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