Praise: A health worker gets into trouble due to a ballet performance posted on Tik Tok

Praise: A health worker gets into trouble due to a ballet performance posted on Tik Tok

He does a dance with a doll in hospital uniform, even if he’s not working at the moment. Then he makes a video, posts it on Tik Tok and ends up in the viewfinder. It happened with a health worker at Lodi Hospital who was then transferred from her ward to another auxiliary hospital. The general manager noted the video. The video was immediately removed and the relevant staff member’s disciplinary board avoided. The company, led by director Salvatore Gioia, has published a regulation on “social media policy” with very strict rules. “The regulation – reads the assistant’s document – is intended to provide principles, rules and behaviors to be observed by employees on duty, with a view to protecting the network of patients and professionals and the image of the assistant.” The document sets out the rules not only for the use of the corporate account, but also for the “personal accounts in question”. In fact, employees can “access social media with their personal accounts and consult with them during business hours for corporate purposes only”. For employees, the company says it is appropriate not to accept friendships on social networks from patients. Except for “ASST public events, photos and videos that take pictures of buildings, employees, users, or their families are prohibited from being disclosed. Further, an employee may not use ASST distinctive signs such as the logo”

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