Practical advice on what not to do after brushing your teeth

Personal care is not just about taking care of oneself skin Or your face. Dental health is just as important as all the other things we considered in previous articles.

It allows you to keep your teeth healthy and ensure a beautiful and healthy smile for a longer time than those who do not practice it in a certain rhythm.

Cleaning your teeth is especially important because it reduces the risk of gum disease or tooth decay. Practiced by a professional, it guarantees a more thorough and thorough cleaning than a regular toothbrush can do.

Many of us will wonder after a dentist’s session what to do and what not to do after brushing your teeth. In this article, we will give you practical advice on what not to do after brushing your teeth to ensure a healthy and wonderful smile.


Teeth cleaning is an appointment each of us should have the foresight to respect with ourselves. It has many advantages, as we mentioned earlier, as it reduces the risk of infection or caries, but in addition to that, it eliminates tartar and the battery It promotes teeth whitening.

This should be done every six months or once a year at most.

As for what not to do after brushing your teeth, the first advice is to avoid foods that can be too acidic, sweet, or chewy.

It is also not recommended to avoid foods that “stain” the teeth, for example chocolate or blueberries.

In general, it is generally advised to wait about an hour before eating.

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As for drinks, it is not recommended to take all that causes stains on our teeth in this case either.

So let’s avoid coffee, tea, and even wine, these are basically drinks to avoid for at least a few days.

As with food, drinks that are too acidic for our tastes are not recommended.

Here are some helpful tips on what not to do after brushing your teeth.

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings for this article, which they can refer Who is the”)

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