Power Rangers was about to become a triple open world for Batman: Arkham –

I power Rangers They could have been the heroes of the action game open world in style Batman: Arkham, project triple Which, however, never saw the light of day because the show wasn’t approved: revealed Jason Bischoff, former director of global consumer products at Saban.

Instead of making a comeback with the still valid fighting game Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid, in short, the famous heroes who became Hasbro’s property in 2018 could have looked forward to a more complex and thicker experience, but things turned out differently.

Codenamed Nomad, the 2016 project didn’t materialize primarily for budgetary reasons, but Bischoff tried to turn this idea into reality by creating a presentation thanks to the collaboration of some artists and developers.

Similar to what was accomplished with Gotham Knights, Power Rangers would have had an open world structure that could be explored in cooperative And all possible references for viewing.

At the end of the project there are only a few drafts and it feels like a missed opportunity to give dignity to a brand that hasn’t had much luck over the years with video game switches.

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