Pour a tablespoon of oil on the windshield: what happens to the glass will blow your mind

Have you ever tried pouring a tablespoon of oil on your windshield? The effect is totally unexpected. There are potential experiments like this one that no one would think of, which instead can be very beneficial, as well as surprising for effect. It will leave you stunned, without a doubt.

It can make pouring a tablespoon of oil on the windshield certain advantages. We don’t believe it, but it is. In particular, with this guide, you will learn precisely about any of them Benefits It is, and in what specific way to pour the oil, if you want to take advantage of it. In any case, what is reported will serve you in expanding your knowledge.

What will be the effect of a spoonful of oil on the windshield? –

Obviously we’re talking aboutoil usually used in cookingas well as, specifically, in Mediterranean dietCapable of adding flavor to even the most fatty dishes. Simply pouring it over a cob creates something to enjoy, perhaps as an appetizer or as a snack. Not everyone knows that in addition to adding flavor to our dishes in the kitchen, the same product that is at the base of the Mediterranean diet can be used for Other appswhich proves to be no less useful.

in makeupfor example, submit oil masks It allows you to take care of your skin, as well as economically. also for Poetry, used for its nourishing function, with a special oily lotion, before shampooing. If we go back now to the area that interests us most here, which is Maintenance work for the carwe see that even in the current field it does not fail to express its benefits.

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For those who care about their car, and for all lovers cleaning In general, one would like it to always be shiny and shiny. It is located around a cleaning solutionyou guessed it, also applies in this area, but with one its origin Special. We see it below, in the next paragraph.

Useful properties of extra virgin olive oil on the windshield of the car

The windshield, in this case, is cluttered by fallen flowers. What can be done with olive oil –

So let’s get to the point, what are these characteristics? What problem will the oil help us eliminate completely? It’s something that has something to do with Autumn and winter period. It often happens, in fact, that you are passing by your car, in this period, to be different Fallen leaves It actually sticks to the windshield. It happens to us when we pass through a street with many ornamental trees at the edges, but also, of course, when we walk along country roads.

Either way, the solution is really simple. just pour Oil on a piece of clothAnd pass the same thing on the windshield of the car. The Leaves will slide Without sticking, thus avoiding giving the car a sloppy look, especially when it has been freshly washed. Application with extension spoon Before exit, which will be valid for a certain number of exits by car. Avoid large quantities of oil, which may grease the windshield glass and make it necessary to clean it again. If it is too greasy, it will be difficult to clean it in this case.

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