Potential ‘Tactical Ops’ event rewards leaked –

infinite aura It is structured in such a way as to introduce new long-term challenges, so it is not surprising that there are already events planned for the next few months like this potential event tactical operations Which can be held in February 2022, of which Rewards.

Tactical operations, it is said that the infiltrator Santa Rickey must step up on the stage From February 8 to 21, 2022, but beyond rewards, practically nothing else has emerged about the potential event in this Halo Infinite multiplayer game.

From what can be seen, it also appears to be more accessible than those shown in other cases, among which also the helmet that fans are looking for. More than anything else, the name used for the event is interesting, because it reminds of Tactical killer mode Particularly loved by the community.

The reference in the name refers to the introduction of a Playlist Dedicated, but there’s absolutely no official information on this, so it’s just a matter of assumptions, for now. Anyway, in the meantime, we refer you to the tried-and-tested multiplayer game Halo Infinite, in which we show a certain enthusiasm for the game, while the first cheaters with Xbox users start to appear, asking to be able to disable cross-play.

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